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Napisano 04 styczeń 2011 - 00:16

Hi all, I’m a newbie in PS. Just in 2 days with PS, i found there something interesting. Here is my first piece of code with PS. Actually, this module is based on YM online help module of Apprentice http://www.prestasho... ... e_v1_dot_0, with one thing to change from YM online/offline image to a pingbox of YM. Feel free to give me comments, i’ve just dug in PS for a very short time, therefore i do a test module with this and think that it’s quite exciting. @Apprentice: Thank you for your existing module. Thanks again and again. @all: To use with your own YM ID: - Create a pingbox at: http://messenger.yah.../pingbox/studio - Copy embedding code of pingbox and paste into onlinehelppingbox.tpl, replace your embedding code with the existing code ////////////////////////////// źródło: http://www.prestasho... ... __v1_dot_0

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