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    web scraping,free,data extraction,data import,data export,e-commerce web scraping
  1. Prestashop 1.4 to Prestashop 1.6

    Thank you so much for help
  2. I study many article on the net. I look technically comparison between magento vs prestashop, both are same. But I want personal view from those who are using magento or prestashop CMS.
  3. Prestashop 1.4 to Prestashop 1.6

    My prestashop store is version 1.4 at the moment. I want to use new store version 1.6. What should I do if I want migrate data from prestashop 1.4 to prestashop 1.6 one? Please advise me a solution. Thanks!
  4. Please guide and How to set up Search Engine Friendly URLs in PrestaShop.